Skin Yeast Infection Treatment

Skin Yeast Infection

Skin Yeast Infection Treatment - Getting Rid of Candida Albicans

Author: Richard Ducharne

Candida is a fungus that is the cause of yeast infections. Yeast infections can be found on almost every part of the body. Yeast infections are usually associated with a female's vaginal area, but they can also be found on men in all sorts of places on the body. It is quite simple to cure a yeast infection. Curing a yeast infection is a good skill to have.

The type of yeast infections mostly found in the mouth and vagina is called thrush which also infects men in the same areas. Another type of yeast infection called intertrigo is found in warm wet areas like the crotch, underarms, bosom, and under flaps of skin on the obese.

All types of yeast infections can be cured with skin yeast infection treatments that you can buy at pharmacies. These treatments can be a cream or an oral pill. Some treatment packages provide both a pill and a cream to work more rapidly. Skin yeast infection treatments are generally inexpensive but can start to add up if you contract these infections many times. If you find that you get yeast infections often, you should seek a natural treatment.

Medications that are commonly used for skin yeast infections include:


Antifungal lozenges


Antifungal creams

Corticosteroid creams

These medicines are usually prescribed by a pharmacist but these alone will not cure the infection quickly. You must maintain good hygiene to make the infection go away more rapidly and prevent it.

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10 Responses to Skin Yeast Infection Treatment

  1. geek sweetie says:

    treatment for pityriasis versicolor? (skin condition, yeast infection)?
    Hi all,
    I seem to have pityriasis versicolor. This is a sort of yeast infection which means I have these discoloured scaly flaky fungal colonies living on my chest. Sounds gross, but its not like the mould you see on old bread.
    Examples here:
    I’ve only got a mild case but it’s annoying because it means I’m self-conscious about wearing lower tops or a bikini.
    Does anyone know about any treatments for pityriasis versicolor? Thanks so much.
    It’s not like I don’t wash or anything. Soap doesn’t seem to be very effective against these things :P

    • Lisa says:

      I had this before and the dermatologist said it was caused from too much tanning. I had to use a dandruff shampoo with ketoconazole in it, I used Nizoral shampoo and one of those body puffs loofahs everyday until the spots weren’t peeling anymore. But I still had the white spots until my tan faded. If you haven’t been tanning the spot will be darker then your skin color and it is easier to tell when its cleared up.

  2. ME says:

    Anyone have broken skin from scratching due to yeast infection?
    I am on my 3rd and last day of treatment for a yeast infection. Today I noticed that my labia is so raw that I actually have broken skin in one area, I assume from scratching it. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions on how to heal it? I have been using the monistat cream but it seems to sting a little.

    • emadoo says:

      Sometimes you can have two problems at once. I have extremely sensitive skin and this same thing happened to me once. It turned out I had a skin condition called lichen where the skin gets so irritated that it starts to thicken because you’ve scratched so much (I have psoriasis, too). The skin becomes extremely tender, irritated, and in some cases, can bleed. I would suggest seeing a dermatologist if the problem continues as it may be something more than just the yeast infection.

  3. KathyS says:

    Skin Yeast Infection?
    I have a mixed breed who we have spend thousands of $$$ on for yeast infections. She has got dry yet greasy, crusty, itchy elephant skin and a horrible odor. Medications did not work except for one antibiotic she was on but it came back once the medication was gone. She has lost half her hair and lost weight because her body is trying too hard to fight it.

    Has anyone at all had a dog like this and have you found anything that works? I know the condition is chronic with her but if I can keep the yeast at bay with treatment, I think we will all be happier.

    • JR says:

      The vet should have kept her on the antibiotic till it was gone. If it is not completely gone then it will come back.

      I would go back and get her on oral antibiotics again and an antifungal spray. If she finishes the antibiotic and you still smell it (It does have a very distinctive smell) take her back to get more before you runout completely. She needs to stay on it continously till it is gone.

  4. Ebony says:

    Is this product safe to use for a yeast infection/vaginal thush?
    Here are the details:
    Antiseptic Ointment
    For the treatment of common skin infections.

    I want to know if a yeast infection/vaginal thrush is a common skin infection and can I use it? I am all itchy, and in pain down there and I want to get rid of it soon.
    it is an australian product

    • SpitSugar says:

      No, you need to use something specifically for yeast infections. I think Monostat helps with that? Anyhow, you don’t want to use just anything, that could cause the infection to worsen.

  5. justnextinlinex3 says:

    itching after yeast infection treatment?
    had a horrible yeast infection, and my gyno prescribed me genazyole-1 and that’s cream you insert up there, and i ended up having to use it twice, and now.. It’s slowly clearing up. I used it about 3.5 days ago, and everything was going good, and it was still comming out of me for those days. And then, now today i got a really bad itch again, and some white discharge that was fluid like and seemed pretty normal.
    no horrible fishy smells or nothing, but i put vagisil on and i know i irritated the skin some from itching.

    Is this normal?

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