Treatment For Oral Yeast Infection

Treatment for Oral Yeast ...

Oral Thrush Treatment - How to Treat an Oral Yeast Infection

Author: John Cielo

If you have oral thrush don't worry, oral yeast infection is one of the most common yeast infections. Oral thrush particularly hits young babies whose immune systems aren't fully developed. But it can occur in anybody. Here you'll discover what causes it, it's symptoms and treatments.

Yeast infections in general are caused by the Candida albicans fungus which you can find in most of us. It's the job of your body's good bacteria to keep it from spreading and causing problems like yeast infection.

The things that can cause the Candida to 'overgrow' into an infection are things that compromise good bacteria and 'feed' the yeast-like fungus. These are generally underlying conditions such as the overuse of antibiotics, the same with steroids, lowered immune system, bad diet, diabetes, medical conditions, long term illness, stress, body pH, etc.

The fungi just love the dark, warm, moist conditions of the mouth and other areas. A yeast infection of the mouth -- oral thrush -- can be triggered when the natural 'balanced environment' in it is upset. This can happen with ill-fitting dentures that may break the skin, where the pH changes, when antibiotics or steroids have a presence, where there is high sugar content, etc.

So that those at risk of oral yeast infection are; young babies whose auto-immune system hasn't developed sufficiently, denture wearers, steroid inhaler users, folks with poor dental hygiene, smokers, people who eat tons of sweets etc.

Oral thrush symptoms are typically; creamy / white raised spots over tongue and inside of cheeks, sometimes a thick creamy / white coating over the tongue, open cracks in the tongue, difficulty swallowing, slight burning sensation in mouth and throat. As soon as you see any of these symptoms it's best to visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

For treatment, you'll probably be prescribed oral liquid suspensions or pastilles. You can get these on prescription and over-the-counter. And they can be pretty effective for most people, although many folks still suffer recurring oral yeast infections.

The reasons could be that the drugs are attacking the local symptoms, not the root cause(s), like a lowered immune system, unhealthy diet, the taking of antibiotics, etc. And the Candida fungus can get drug-resistant. This is why so many sufferers nowadays are using natural oral thrush treatments.

So for a proper cure for oral thrush you need to get rid of the symptoms, and, prevent the infection returning by fully addressing any underlying causes.

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10 Responses to Treatment For Oral Yeast Infection

  1. Breanne Ryan says:

    oral treatment for yeast infection?
    no STDs. im a virgin.
    My doctor told me to get some antifungal cream at any drug store but the cream i got didn’t help. Are there any pills that i can take to cure my yeast infection?? what if its a bacterial infection instead? will the pills for a yeast infection work? thanks, any tips/advice is appreciated.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yuck. Yeast infections suck. The best cream to get is monistat (7 day), and then there’s a product called AZO Yeast. When you have a yeast infection, you take it 3 times a day. When you don’t, you take it once. It works GREAT and pretty much you start to feel relief really soon. You can take AZO even though you’ve taken an oral yeast infection med, and even if you used or are using vaginal cream. There is also a product that both Monistat and AZO (I think) make, and their swabs with color indicators that will let you know whether you have a yeast infection or if it’s something else. You can find all of this in the feminine hygiene section.

      P.S. stay away from fried foods for now, and of course, breads and yeasty foods. :0) Hope you feel better.

      Oh yeah, and try washing with Johnson’s baby soap. Way nicer to your….areas.

  2. Melissa says:

    Is there an OTC oral treatment for a vaginal yeast infection?
    I know about FLUconazole but,I went to the gyno cause I have been having pain full intercourse, the examination hurt just as much. She told me i had a yeast infection but that might not be my only medical problem, She prescribed me the inner vaginal tablet and said to come back in 7 days if sex still hurt, I can’t insert a tampon with out horrible pain, i want to try to oral tablet but is there an OTC or do i have to bother my doctor of a new script?

  3. Juliet says:

    What is a good treatment for vaginal and oral yeast infection ?
    Any reason why this is happening ?
    Whats the cause ?

    • medic7876 says:

      Acidophyllus. It is the active ingredient in yogurt. (not frozen). It is a probiotic, opposite of antibiotic. It is also sold in pill form over the counter. It is great for bowel & mucous membrane health also. I recommend it once a day. But if you are on antibiotics, take it at least 4 hours later or the antibiotic will kill it off.
      Antibiotics kill off ALL bacteria—acidophyllus puts the good bacteria back.
      Also, the OTC creams will treat yeast infection, but douching with plain yogurt will do the same thing. It’s cheaper.
      You can gargle with the yogurt also—but I promise if you make acidophyllus a daily pill, you won’t have these problems. Let me know if this helps, ok?

  4. BeautifullyAwkward says:

    I have yeast infection, can I get it from my boyfriend through oral?
    I was on a yeast infection treatment and my symptoms had cleared up within four days so my boyfriend and i went ahead and had sex with a condom. It wasn’t a great idea but i figured since it didn’t cause me any pain and we were protected that I’d be ok. My question is, am i at risk for getting an oral yeast infection? I gave my boyfriend oral one time after we had sex and I’m worried. I haven’t really had symptoms and its been 3 days but i’m freaking out.

    • Info Guru says:

      If you have the yeast infection, how would you catch it from your boyfriend? Shouldn’t your boyfriend be worried about catching it from you?

      If he had a yeast infection – I don’t thing you would be giving him oral.

      Good for you to use a condom – you should be using a condom all of the time.

  5. Ashley Jasons says:

    Is there any oral treatment for yeast infections?
    I’m 15 and i have a yeast infection and i’ve been having trouble using the cream medication that’s supposed to be inserted into the vagina. Is there any oral medication that can be used to clear this up?

    • [N]et says:

      Most yeast infections can be treated at home with natural methods such as plain yogurt(eat or Insert some into the vagina), bathing with vinegar(so be careful), drink a lot of water, etc. Here are good articles about the truth of this infection and success stories of how to treat a yeast infection naturally. It’s very useful for you.

      Don’t worry!

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