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Vaginal Yeast Infection Curable by Yogurt

Author: Esteri Maina

Physical appearance even though so appealing can not be complete if a woman has a hidden pain beneath her underpants. Even though it is difficult to discover this, many women choose to tolerate an infection as painful as vaginal yeast infection no matter how severe it may be. Perhaps they do this because they perceive such genital infections to be disgraceful and as long as they keep their mouth shut and play the scheming game behind those bedroom doors, not even the husband has to find out.

You might have succeeded concealing this vaginal yeast infection disaster from everybody else except all those medical practitioners who failed you totally and completely. But how long can you contain that pain? When will those Candida albicans retreat to their siesta and stop piercing your skin? Every time we experience a lot of pain that only puts a deadlock to all the desires of our hearts we wish we were different, we hate our bodies and eventually become desperate and hopeless. But then, I think that to get better we must have a positive perception about vaginal yeast infection before we run for all we are worth at any visible cure, even when we know that it is going to hurt us more.

Perhaps you- the outstanding reader have been a victim of chronic vaginal yeast infection for long, you have flipped all health documentaries you know of, you have knocked at every doctor's door you know about and you simply have done everything in your power to get out of this endless pit of suffering and pain.

And now as you read this article your heart is at the point of accepting your certainty with vaginal yeast infection, since it has become a heavy cross to carry on your shoulder day in day out. While I have news that I believe might turn the tables for you and you start living like those people you envy to become. I obviously know that "yogurt" is not a strange terminology to you and if you have not drunk any, your friend or relative have.

I know what I am about to tell you will sound crazy, believe it or not yogurt will heal that vaginal yeast infection before you realize it your unbearable organ will be sparkling clean with no traces of furious 'yeasty pals'. However before you use this yogurt vaginal yeast infection cure, you must be sure what could be the triggering factor and this you could only find out by letting your doctor poke his nose around where he had better not. You could combine yogurt with other home remedies like garlic, cinnamon, and cranberries among others.

Lactobacillus acidophilus, in yogurt is the one that makes this cure magnificent for vaginal yeast infection. Application procedures for yogurt are very many and simple and all you need is pick one of the ways. You can find a syringe without a needle and splatter your organ inside and outside; you could dip a tampon in to the yogurt pot and after it has soaked enough yogurts insert it in your agonizing organ. You could also freeze yogurt in the ice and with disposable gloves make the fingers of the frozen yogurt and put in as well. An important thing to avoid is sweetened yogurt since the Candida albicans feed on sugars. Also wear a pad on a tight underpants to avoid dripping yogurt in public. Do this severally till signs subside.

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9 Responses to Yeast Infection Bumps

  1. Kiymora's Mommy says:

    Yeast infection bumps?
    Does a yeast infection cause bumps on your vagina? i know this is too much info but Iam 29 weeks pregnant and I was wondering because Ive had the infection for about a month, I didnt worry about treatment because usually when I get a discharge like infection it usually goes away, but this time it was very itchy and whould swell my vagina but since this one didnt go away I went to the doctor on monday, he checked me and took samples and said I had a yeast infection.

    Now that the infection is clearing up I took a look in the mirror today and noticed small bumps on my vagina. ( I didnt do this before because my stomach is so big I have to use a mirror and I know he had to see the small red bumps on my clit, when he checked me, but he didnt say anything. So I was wondering is this normal? Will they go away? Is this something more?

    • iccaris says:

      Yes, it can cause bumps. Yes, they will go away. Go to google “images” and put “yeast infection” in the search bar. Some of them look like red diaper rash, but some have raised bumps. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. ScaredCollegeGirl says:

    If you leave a yeast infection untreated for a long time? Can you get white bumps?
    basically, I think I have had a yeast infection for 2 months from the antibiotics from a UTI. Now I see tiny TINY white bumps if I stretch the skin of my labia.occasionally they itch, but not very much. Is it common to get white bumps from a yeast infection?

  3. michelle says:

    Can a yeast infection cause bumps inside of the vaginal canal?
    I have a yeast infection (for about 6 days now) and as of tonight I have noticed flesh colored bumps with no puss inside the opening of my vagina. I am not sexually active so I do not think it is from a STD, could this be a result of the yeast infection since I am quite swollen and was previously on strong antibiotics from an illness? I am going to the doctor tomorrow but this is really bothering me!!

    • monkeymomma46 says:

      A yeast infect. can cause redness,soreness,and itching. You will also have a cottage cheese looking discharge, it is thick and will be on the skin down there. Antibiotics will give you a yeast infection and your doctor should have given you medicine for it when he/she gave you the antibiotics, if not you need to always tell them you need something every time you take them. I always get yeast from the antibiotics myself and if i forget to tell my doctor then i have to buy something over the counter for it, it cost about the same anyway but, the pill the doc can give you for yeast is much better ,I think ! you can take it while on antibiotics so you you want get yeast ! The bumps you see may just be normal on the skin there and they look red and swollen from the yeast infec. I wouldn’t worry much about it sense you know you couldn’t have an S.T.D. sense you don’t have sexual relations! But if you have ever had sex with anyone then you might be concerned. Still your doctor will help you more about this so, don’t worry about it sense you will be seeing someone real soon!! Then you will feel better. I bet its nothing anyway, just the yeast. so good luck to ya! hope you feel better!

  4. ♥// says:

    Can a simple yeast infection give bumps?
    Is genital warts curable?

    What other STDs might you have if you have bumps, discharge, and itch?

    • dmb says:

      In my experience the bumps is a yeast problem all in its on, i have yeast bumps that causes me itchin, sever iritation. Although the bumps are always there they only seem to give me the most problems at night or random times during the day. Its important to eat yogurt and keep yourself dry. I know that i dont have and std, and ive had these yeast bumps since i was a teenager.

  5. Troubledd' says:

    Yeast Infection Bumps? What would they Look like?
    I’m sexually active, & I have a yeast infection.
    I noticed 2 little bumps yesterday, they are pretty much hard to notice unless you are looking for them. What are bumps from a yeast infection like?

    I’m scared that this could be something else!
    I don’t know what to do, I’m 17 so don’t have a gynecologist or anything like that!
    What I mean is if it is a bad Yeast Infection, or from all the itching & irritation, and I also shave. I have heard that a yeast infection causes some bumps if left untreated..

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